Meet Mike Vazquez, F E W Owner

With nine years in the experiential marketing industry working with hundreds of agencies and brands and seven years working as a Bitcoin Research Analyst for a research firm, Mike combined his expertise and networks in both sectors to deliver a marketing service that leverages Bitcoin as an asset and Bitcoin as a network for those looking to boost their business and brand.

Experiential marketing, a powerful tactic, aims to forge a deep connection between a brand and its target demographic. By creating memorable experiences for consumers, this strategy has the potential to shape long-term buying behaviors and foster unwavering brand loyalty. This potential should inspire and excite businesses and marketing professionals about its possibilities.

Mike's experiential marketing activations have been a great success for high-profile clients such as Google, Samsung, Chase Bank, The Economist, Nike, Toyota, and more! However, his current focus is on Bitcoin, a development he deems to be of paramount importance. He is eager to assist businesses in connecting to the Bitcoin network and reaping its rewards. Mike is unwavering in his belief that his solution can be advantageous to a diverse array of brands and businesses, both traditional and Bitcoin-based, by facilitating their connection with their target audience through effective experiential marketing initiatives nationwide!